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Preserving our Independence

As an employee-owned company, we preserve our independence, values, and culture of responsible innovation.

Nebuli's Creative Culture.

Everyone Who Works at Nebuli is a Partner

As an employee-owned company, Nebuli preserves its independence, values, and culture of responsible innovation.

Our founders, Teacha and Tim became tech entrepreneurs in 2002 and founded different tech businesses, with the conventional investor-backing journeys expected by the tech community. However, our founders did not like these models for a simple reason: shareholders were always seen as the priority, not the employees or the customers.

They decided that they wanted to build something different with Nebuli – a company that prioritises its people and customers. From launch, the founders established a model where everyone who works at Nebuli is a partner, with a voice, ideas and influence. It is a unique and evolving model as the company grows.

By assembling our workers as partners, our aim is to attract the most talanted people and unlock their entrepreneurial potential. We strongly believe this model will take Nebuli on a path toward an exciting future.


We are building and evolving our governance model as we grow, following the guidlines from UK’s Employee Ownership Association (EOA). However, we apply our model intenrationally.

Nebuli’s governance structure is designed to promote employee participation, transparency, and accountability. The employee ownership model ensures that the company’s decision-making process is more inclusive, democratic, and transparent. It promotes a culture of shared responsibility and mutual respect, which is essential in the tech sector and AI-related fields where ethical considerations and human safety are critical.


Our team is fully committed to digital ethics and responsible AI, as defined by the European Commission’s Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy AI, and through our membership of the European AI Alliance. We strongly believe that ethical AI is the smartest and most personalised AI. It enforces us to consider a range of individual and societal harms that the misuse, abuse, poor design, or unintended negative consequences of AI systems may cause.


Our team is committed to reducing Nebuli’s environmental impact and promoting sustainable practices. We ensure that our operations are designed to minimise our carbon footprint and operate in a paper-free environment. We actively seek ways to reduce waste and improve energy efficiency, for example partnering with green cloud hosting companies that operate their own data centers and employ renewable energy.

Our Values

We strive to hire the best talents who share our values and are committed to the company’s mission.

  • We strongly believe in fairness, impartiality, empathy and humanity. We do not support or give in to political populism or cultural divisions.

  • We are, and will always be, welcoming and open for employees and partners from all over the world.

  • We do not discriminate against anyone based on race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, belief, sex, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, health, or any other status. We all have the right to be treated equally.

  • We support every employee’s personal development, creativity and entrepreneurial ambitions. Their success is our success!

  • We are committed to spreading our message of happiness, friendship and positive work-life balance throughout our workforce and our communities through support and our interactive content.

  • We use our augmented intelligence models for important causes, such as our fight against COVID-19 misinformation and using BehaviorLink to promote water efficiency and much more.

By preserving our independence, we can prioritise and protect our values, culture and focus on high-quality work. Nebuli is a team of like-minded people with a shared purpose.

Tim El-Sheikh – Founder & CEO – Nebuli.

Tim El-Sheikh - Nebuli's CEO