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Robust Data Security & Privacy Through Explainability

Applying Nebuli’s Human-centric Augmented Intelligence models to mitigate potential biases or errors that could lead to security breaches and data leaks.

Nebuli Never Allows Unethical Data Practices with Strict Data Security.

We are against the lack of transparency of conventional AI-powered systems and apps built on closed, black-box models as they are inadequate for identifying security risks and data vulnerabilities.

Solving AI Security Risks

We focus on human centricity throughout our Augmented Intelligence models by prioritising human oversight and employing domain experts in the creation and deployment of our systems.

We avoid the typical AI system’s use of black-box models, where the entire process from data collection to model deployment is automated. As a result, this process is vulnerable to security threats and open for intentional, as well as inadvertent, privacy violations, data poisoning and other forms of data manipulation. They also pose serious threats of data leaks and negative behavioural manipulation of users.

Hence, modern cybersecurity systems in the complex and fast-evolving digital world powered by AI demand transparency and explainability more than ever before. Nebuli is here to achieve this outcome for businesses and communities.

Our Datastack Security Model

Security and data privacy are the most critical elements of Nebuli’s entire ecosystem and are at the heart of the Datastack framework. Our Datastack framework helps customers integrate the traditionally separate business-critical data services, such as data security, compression, modelling, classification, segmentation, knowledge discovery and much more, into an API-powered integrable service.

The critical element of the Datastack is its Nebulized Data Layer® (NDL) – Nebuli’s innovative data security layer that completely circumvents the need for customers to upload copies of their original data. The Datastack is designed to facilitate Human-in-the-loop data modelling methods with explainability, higher level of accuracy and efficiency.

Human Intervention & Explainability

Our human-centric augmented intelligence methodology provides significant security advantages over typical AI deployments by involving humans in the loop, applying explainable AI models, and adhering to responsible AI practices.

By merging human and machine intelligence, we can confidently build models that are more accurate, efficient, and secure than conventional AI systems, while also being transparent, responsible and accountable.

This approach is a vital investment for teams and businesses that are looking to deploy AI tools with confidence, knowing that they are secure, trustworthy, and adhere to ethical and legal standards.