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Your AI-Augmented Research and Innovation Lab.

  • ClientLab helps teams and organisations across several markets de-risk their investments in emerging technologies and maximise ROI.

  • ClientLab is your dedicated R&D lab, driven by Nebuli’s forward-thinking innovation strategy, powered by Nebuli’s Augmented Intelligence ecosystem.

Through ClientLab, we provide specialist staff augmentation supported by our panel of scientists, marketing experts, designers, engineers and mathematicians to extend specific expertise gaps for teams and departments.

Only 54% of AI projects ever make it from pilot to production#. Nebuli is here to change that.

Organisations still struggle to connect the algorithms they are building to a business value proposition#. Nebuli will help you de-risk your investments in emerging technologies and maximise your ROI.

# Gartner 2022 Research.

Gartner 2022 Research found that only 54% of AI projects ever make it from pilot to production – Nebuli.


We work with you at the discovery stage, helping to understand your target markets and identify key opportunities for innovation.


We support C-suite and decision-makers in identifying strategic value and risks of adopting new technologies and maximising ROI.


We use proven development tools and techniques to assess human-centricity design strategies, ensuring they resonate with the target audience and tackle the most complex design challenges.


Powered by our ClientLab Innovation-as-a-Service solution, with the innovation support needed to create technologies that shift the mindset of your customers, making a strong market impact.


We help you ensure that all innovations conform to the specifications and any identified regulations and meet the requirements of all stakeholders.


We will turn your strategic vision into a market reality through agile delivery, supporting your leadership and team culture change.

More critically, ClientLab unlocks the value of your R&D and innovation endeavours by focusing on a needs-based technology adoption strategy while avoiding the hype trap.

The ClientLab Advantage

  • Efficiency
  • Precision
  • Expertise
  • Security
  • Creativity
Nebuli Human-centric Augmented Intelligence Integrated Solutions.
  • We offer more flexibility and protection for your intellectual property (IP) ownership, adding more value to your IP base.

  • We pay close attention to behavioural trends, leveraging the diversity of staff members, customers and users, powered by BehaviorLink – our behavioural psychographics and psychometrics framework.

  • We consider your ethical concerns, monitor emerging regulations, and devise new methodologies in a cross-industry approach.

  • We empower your R&D data efforts with our Datastack® framework – the foundation of our responsible AI, data ethics and strict privacy hosted on secure hybrid cloud environments.

  • We save you costs on R&D facilities and equipment while also providing you access to the latest technologies we review and offer.

ClientLab provides you with the innovation support needed to create technologies that shift the mindset of your customers, creating a strong market impact.

If your innovation is about building the future, you must start by focusing on your future users, customers and evolving human habits.

Our expertise in emerging consumer trends and evolving human habits is your strongest advantage.

Nebuli’s Human-centric R&D Foundation.

ClientLab Solves Corporate Innovation Challenges

ClientLab helps enterprises achieve excellence and boost competitiveness by supporting in-house entrepreneurial schemes, startup partnerships and investment funds.

ClientLab also offers a highly flexible support framework for teams and organisations that work around some of the common challenges that hinder the progress of innovation programs:

  • Internal policy limitations and stringent corporate regulations;

  • Regular staff turnovers and shortages in specialist skills;

  • Insufficient experience in devising strategic pivots; and

  • Insufficient experience working with startups.

Nebuli ClientLab enterprises' innovation boost.

Our solutions work together as your innovation omnichannel across departments, supported by our human-centric design, engineering, science and business expertise to achieve your ultimate goals.