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Nebuli Charter

This Charter sets out Nebuli’s principles and commitment to advancing the development of Augmented Intelligence systems and providing innovative, safe and ethical solutions and services in this field.

This charter was last updated on May 3rd, 2023.

Nebuli’.s Human-centric Augmented Intelligence

Executing our Mission

Nebuli was founded with the mission to augment human abilities through responsible innovations and eliminating harmful and biased algorithms plaguing the digital world. We harness the power of Augmented Intelligence to benefit organisations and societies worldwide through safe, ethical, and transparent frameworks.

Thus, the purpose of Nebuli’s Charter is to guide the direction and ethical values of the company, its employees and its partners and establish a framework for the responsible and transparent use of Augmented Intelligence in all aspects of our business and the wider society.

Acknowledging Risks

We recognise that Augmented Intelligence has the potential to significantly enhance human capabilities, improve decision-making, and create new opportunities for economic growth and social welfare. However, we also acknowledge that it poses certain risks and challenges, including the potential for unintended consequences, bias, and misuse – particularly with the psychographic elements of Augmented Intelligence frameworks.

As a fully self-financed company, our independence is a strong advantage for our customers and users since we are not pressured by external entities or shareholders to deploy Augmented Intelligence systems without sufficient scrutiny.

We strongly oppose any black-box models of any digital systems that can, and do, negatively impact users, clients and communities. We focus on establishing long-term safety and trust over short-term sales gains. We put people first.

Responsible Use of Augmented Intelligence

We are committed to using Augmented Intelligence in a responsible manner that promotes the public interest and does not cause harm to individuals or society as a whole. We will not engage in any activity that is illegal, unethical or violates fundamental human rights. We will also take measures to prevent unintended consequences and reduce the risk of bias in our algorithms and models.

Technical and Business Leadership

Our vision is to become a leader in the development of responsible Augmented Intelligence solutions that benefit society as a whole. Combined with our mission, we are committed to empowering teams, enterprises and users with our cutting-edge solutions that are highly innovative, transparent, ethical, and explainable. But, above all, addressing the impact Augmented Intelligence may pose on the wider society and providing policy and safety guidelines to authorities and the tech community.

Our Governance, Employee Ownership and Participation

Nebuli is fully self-financed with zero investment from external investors and venture capitalists. We strongly believe in the importance of employee ownership and participation, with a strong culture of collaboration, diversity, and inclusivity, and empowering our employees to have a say in the direction and ethical values of the company.

We occasionally raise government grants and tax reliefs to support our research and development work. However, we ensure that such grants and public funds do not dictate our direction or impose any changes or influence our direction or principles.

Distributing Benefits & Partnerships

We are committed to ensuring that the benefits of Augmented Intelligence are broadly distributed and do not unduly concentrate power or create new forms of inequality. We build partnerships with cloud providers and research institutions to ensure our solutions and services are broadly available to customers and users. We will endeavour to influence and promote the ethical and responsible use of Augmented Intelligence and will not engage in any activity that harms individuals or society as a whole.

Building Long-Term Safety

We are committed to ensuring the long-term safety and stability of Nebuli’s Augmented Intelligence frameworks and ecosystems. We will conduct research to identify potential risks and challenges associated with Augmented Intelligence and will take measures to mitigate those risks. We will also work with other stakeholders and partners in the AI, academic and scientific communities to research and develop best practices and standards for the responsible use of our Augmented Intelligence systems.