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Explore the human drivers, desires and decisions required for successful change.

  • BehaviorLink is Nebuli’s psychographics and psychometrics framework that helps you pay close attention to the behavioural trends of your target audience.

  • BehaviorLink helps you construct hyper-personalisation blueprints that transform end-to-end operations, framing new ideas, strategies, and business models. 

We built BehaviorLink on seven core mindsets, using 28 identified barriers to change and 56 strategies to influence behaviours.

BehaviorLink helps you identify and understand the underlying concerns of your customers and employees and plan how to address them, in turn enabling them to develop and implement change more efficiently.

Key Benefits

Decision-makers, teams and communities across industries rely on BehaviorLink to deliver data-driven innovation strategies that empower them to focus on what matters, make better decisions and achieve faster results.

Customer Experience

Assessing cognitive, environmental, and behavioural consumer responses during all stages of a customer journey.

Risk Analysis

Identifying factors that may threaten the success of a project, campaign or business goals.

Design Goals

Assessing human-centricity design strategies ensuring they resonate with the target audience.

Hyper Personalisation

Helping brands build highly targeted experiences through data, analytics, Augmented Intelligence, and automation.


Adaptive designs of the decision environment to influence the behaviour and decision-making of groups or individuals.

Sales Strategy

Product or service positioning, differentiation and buyer qualification with in-depth behavioural insights.

Digital Ethics

Examining data, privacy and technological commitment toward ethical and trustworthy alignment with personal and cultural concerns.

Policy Audit

Aligning regulatory and internal policies with the fast-moving digital transformation and AI-driven world.


Identifying market demands and developing specific psychographic models to achieve competitive advantage and superior performance.

Innovation Strategy

Supporting C-suite and decision-makers in identifying strategic value and risks of adopting new technologies.

Concept Testing

Supporting teams with quantitative and qualitative evaluations of a product-market fit or new ideas.

Sentiment Analysis

Applying opinion mining, natural language processing (NLP) and understanding (NLU) to help brands identify the emotional tone and drivers of their customers.

BehaviorLink offers expertise in emerging consumer trends and evolving human habits, psychometrics and psychographics methodologies to help your team explore new, exciting and transformative smart hyper-personalisation architectures.

Beyond Technology.

If your digital innovation is about building the future, then we must start by focusing on your future users, consumers and evolving human habits.

Helping you define the right challenge.

This is about finding the ‘why’ behind the challenge to ensure focus is placed on driving the desired outcomes.

  • Getting to the root cause of the challenge, not just accepting the perceived problem.

  • Defining the ultimate outcomes and clarifying what you are fundamentally trying to achieve.

  • Understanding who is your priority target audience and how this shapes the challenge.

  • Framing the challenge from a people-first perceptive, without being driven by technological solutions first.

Driving Forward Positive Change

Understanding the components of your challenge.

It is essential to clarify the nature of the challenge to determine which aspects are the most important to solve. This is our 3Ps:

  • People – who is involved and how they interact.

  • Processes – the systems involved and tasks that are carried out.

  • Platforms – the technology and interfaces that are used.

Accomplishing your successful change.

We apply the Creatures of Habit® methodology to identify the behavioural nature of any given challenge or set of challenges.

Creatures of Habit Logo - Nebuli
  • Each Creature is responsible for a specific way in which people process information, make decisions and act. 

  • This whole-mindset approach allows us to gain a much clearer understanding of the decision-making factors and barriers to change involved.

  • We can then pinpoint where design interventions are required, allowing us to deliver optimal human experiences.

BehaviorLink is a powerful tool, and we will not participate in any projects or solutions that we believe may use our tools to exploit users or employees and negatively influence their behaviours.

Nebuli Attention Icon.

We own our strong ethical values, which we apply throughout our technology and design work and to our customers, users, employees, and general business practices.

Our strong emphasis on putting people and ethics first is not just a mantra, it’s our mission.