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Nebuli Extends Its Augmented Intelligence Models to Aerospace with Yocova.

Nebuli Extends Its Augmented Intelligence Models to Aerospace with Yocova

We are excited to announce that Nebuli have partnered with the open, neutral digital platform founded by Rolls-Royce called Yocova.

Launched in 2020, the growing end-to-end platform for innovation, digital infrastructure and services, Yocova (You Connect for Value), facilitates the exchange of ideas, data, and apps in the aviation sector.

“2022 was an exciting and busy year for Nebuli. As our work continues to extend across multiple industries, two particular sectors have been a key focus for the company since the pandemic: aerospace and space tech,” said Tim El-Sheikh, Co-founder and CEO of Nebuli.

“To achieve the first step toward our ambitions, our team worked hard with Yocova throughout 2022 to establish a strategy for expanding our augmented intelligence solutions to serve these two challenging sectors,” added El-Sheikh. “I’m grateful to the Yocova team for supporting our innovation strategy in aerospace in such a short period, and I look forward to working with them for many years ahead.”

Through Yocova’s platform, Nebuli will be providing its ClientLab services, combining Nebuli’s human-centric augmented intelligence solutions to Yocova members through the Yocova marketplace structure.

Andrew Hutson-Smith, CEO at Yocova highlighted that Nebuli’s platform brings a refreshing approach to delivering data-driven decision-making for a range of customers across a number of sectors. “Nebuli’s desire to understand the human element behind the data is the key reason that Yocova is delighted to welcome Nebuli to join our Yocova Partner Programme and work with us in our ambition which is to democratise data across the aviation value chain and to accelerate innovation within our highly protective and siloed sector,” added Hutson-Smith.

As a subsidiary of Rolls-Royce, the platform enables businesses to efficiently collaborate with industry through Yocova discussion groups and file sharing, exchange data privately and securely through Yocova’s ‘data rooms’ and commercialise their product to a global customer base through the Yocova Marketplace.

“The Yocova team has been impressed with Nebuli’s enthusiasm to share experience, knowledge and demonstrated a readiness to flex their approach. They have been an enthusiastic supporter of the Yocova ambition and provided generous feedback along our journey,” concluded Hutson-Smith.

Get in touch now if you wish to find out how we can extend your innovations and R&D in aerospace and space tech through our partnership with Yocova.

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