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Nebuli ClientLab - Innovation-as-a-Service.

Nebuli Launches New Innovation-as-a-Service Solution, ClientLab

London â€“ Nebuli®, the world’s first Augmented Intelligence Studio, has launched its newest solution, ClientLab®, an innovation-as-a-service solution providing customers with a dedicated research and development (R&D) service informed by Nebuli’s leading innovation strategy. 

Corporate innovation and R&D is vital for organisations to get ahead of the competition, so much so that research has found that 87% of senior business leaders say digitalisation is a priority, and 97% of businesses are engaged in some form of digital initiative. But while some organisations rely on establishing their own entrepreneurial schemes and VC funds, they can struggle to sustain the momentum needed for innovation. 

Nebuli has developed ClientLab to provide organisations with access to expertise, including panels of scientists, business development experts, designers, and engineers. This new service will provide partners with the innovation support needed to create technologies that shift the mindset of their customers, leading to a strong market impact. 

With data privacy, ethics, and integrity more important than ever, Nebuli places these at the heart of its ClientLab solution. Unlike other offerings, ClientLab respects customers’ and users’ privacy, will never harvest customers’ data unless it is critically important and if the full consent of customers and users is agreed, and will never store the original copies of any customer or user material uploaded to its system. In addition, the service provides the flexibility and intellectual property protection customers need. 

Bringing together Nebuli’s current services, including its Datastack® framework, R&D panels, engineering, and BehaviorLinkâ„¢, ClientLab has already helped teams, decision-makers, and communities across several markets achieve actionable and data-driven innovation strategies. The solution has empowered them to focus on what matters, make better decisions and achieve faster results.

Tim El-Sheikh, CEO and Chief Architect at Nebuli, comments: 

“The global pandemic has shown all of us that modernisation is key to staying ahead, with digital-first businesses who were already set up for the new normal faring a lot better than those who were not. 

“For many firms, these last few years have been a wake-up call. However, knowing you need to innovate is one thing, but actually innovating is another. Finding the right data scientists, getting enough budget and tapping into the right questions – there are plenty of challenges facing internal research teams.  

“With ClientLab’s innovation-as-a-service, these issues can be mitigated, and organisations can access the right minds and resources to conduct research and find the developments they need to keep ahead of the curve. Through ClientLab, we are offering a highly flexible, yet powerful innovation framework for our customers and partners.”

To discover more about Nebuli’s ClientLab, visit: nebulistg.wpengine.comsolutions/clientlab/

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Notes to Editor 

About Nebuli 

Influenced by early work in data mining of animal genomes, Nebuli founders created a unique, industry-agnostic service for teams and enterprises that blends science, design, data strategy, ethics, and smart robotics. As the world’s first Augmented Intelligence Studio that applies a “people-first” approach to research and innovation, Nebuli uncovers new methods that replace current command-and-response models with more dynamic, personalised, interactive, exploratory, and versatile user experiences.

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