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Behaviour Change Just got Easier - Nebuli Blog

Behaviour Change Just got Easier

Changing and influencing behaviour is notoriously difficult. We humans are designed to be set in our ways to make life more efficient and prevent mental energy being wasted. Change is against our very nature.

Unfortunately for us, change is an absolute necessity. It will inevitably impact our lives, our work and businesses. If we stay in place while the world moves and evolves around us, we might as well be going backwards. Whatever the business, every new idea or venture requires people to switch up what they are used to at some level. Your goal is to provide the means and the motivation to create a desire to come on the journey with you and a willingness to adapt to new circumstances.

Knowing where to begin is often half the battle. How on Earth do you know if certain strategies or interventions are going to have the desired effect?

Most people go about solving challenges with solutions that they have seen or used before. That’s absolutely fine, but one solution isn’t always going to work in a different context. Human factors vary hugely and one size never fits all. Also, if we cling to what’s been done before, we only limit our creativity. If we confine actions to what we know, we’re not pushing to explore and invent what could be. 

Of course, the field of behavioural science provides many insights and potential answers. But good luck navigating the mine field (or should that be mind field?) of principles, hoping you hit on the right ones.

The reality is you can’t solve a challenge unless you know all the reasons why it exists. Imagine a doctor dishing out pills before they can diagnose the symptoms. It would never happen. Then they can only prescribe the right medication based on the specific illness. Well the exact same theory applies here.

We’ve created a behaviour change diagnostics tool so you can become a confident practitioner. You begin by identifying the symptoms you can observe and describe in common language. There’s no need to be baffled by science. Then you are directed to reasons why these specific behaviours exist. This takes the guesswork out of the equation. Finally you receive a prioritised plan of attack with suggestions that are most likely to pinpoint and tackle the underlying causes of behaviours you are looking to change.

We’re not just talking about social, sustainable and health issues that are often associated with behaviour change. We’re now in a technology driven world where there’s a real danger of humans being force-fed tech solutions that don’t really meet their emotional needs of the real world. We want to ensure people can adopt a human-first approach and understand how to shape the best interactions.

The tool is built on the Creatures of Habit methodology, which takes into account 7 core mindsets behind the way people think and act, 28 barriers to change that are responsible for preventing people taking action and 56 strategies to influence the behaviour change. We’ve created this tool by unpicking the conscious, subconscious and unconscious decision making behind successful change initiatives. Finally, a means of understanding why people do what they do more accessible and common sense.

The behavioural diagnostics tool is free to use, so go right ahead: nebulistg.wpengine.combehaviour-diagnostics-tool/

This is just the beginning. We are working on expanding this tool with Nebuli’s augmented intelligence algorithms so that it learns what it takes to drive human behaviour change in a vast array of contexts. This will provide even more powerful insights on how to solve your toughest challenges and explore what human factors are important to consider when working on any project. Subscribe to our news below and stay updated on these developments.

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